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EMS Training

EMS Training, training based on Electro My Stimulation, is the innovative training method that uses a cable-free suit with electrostimulators to stimulate all major muscle districts. This allows very intense muscle training in just 20 minutes.

Safe, effective, versatile training for everyone:

  • For the athlete, for increased performance
  • For the elderly, for relaxation and hypertrophy
  • For the person who wants to lose weight
  • For the person who wants to keep fit but does not have much time to devote to training.

Our Personal Trainer Carlo will take you on a personalized training that can be individual or in small groups of up to 3 people.

Carlo Carnini
+41 79 792 14 07

In addition, by partnering with Reactiv Physiotherapy Studio, which we host inside our gym, we can offer you an EMS + Cryotherapy package. Why such a package? Because a cryosauna treatment (duration: 3 minutes) before the EMS session (duration: 20 minutes) speeds up your metabolism and allows you to burn calories faster!

EMS training contraindications

Are you interested?

Write to us to schedule a free initial trial.

Our EMS service is tested and certified by QualiCert as meeting the requirements of the EMSSafe standard.